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If you feel the sky is home and you are dreaming of a career as an Aegean or Olympic Air pilot, set your course below:

Type Rated pilots: We are looking for A320 and ATR 42/72 Type Rated pilots who meet our high standards of flying skills, professionalism, integrity and customer focus. If you are a great team player and can demonstrate safety, situational awareness and decisive thinking, you are an ideal candidate to join the AEGEAN and Olympic Air family.

Non-type rated pilots: To kickstart or take your career to the next level, at Aegean and Olympic Air you can put your leadership, great communication skills and the ability to conduct a safe and efficient flight in practice. If you are highly motivated and can demonstrate excellent piloting skills, our rigorous Type Rating programme is the best way to put your talents and knowledge to work. Through our Approved Training Organisation's dedicated and structured training, we empower future pilots on the Airbus A320 and ATR 42/72 series aircraft.

Our people

At AEGEAN, people have always been our greatest asset.  Our team consists of over 2,500 members who work together with passion and commitment to provide new, innovative and pioneering services to our passengers.

AEGEAN journey

At AEGEAN, we invest in establishing a people-centered culture in which employees feel satisfied and proud in their work environment. With this in mind, we are constantly undertaking initiatives to create new opportunities for personal growth and professional development for our people and enable them to refresh their knowledge and renew their skills.

Opportunities at AEGEAN

Are you an aspiring professional and an aviation enthusiast?  If you wish to be part of AEGEAN’s vision and to travel with us to the exciting world of aviation, we invite you to explore the available career opportunities. Join our team now and embark on a unique journey with AEGEAN!

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We foster an inclusive workforce rich in innovative training sessions, the means for opportunities to thrive, shared core values, competitive spirit and a community that tangibly contributes to the growth of our country’s tourism.


Join us in offering high quality services throughout all stages of travel to our passengers.  Help us further expand our extensive network of destinations, which connects every corner of Greece with the world! 

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Be part of our team and travel with us to the exciting world of aviation